24 Feb — 24 March. A Month of Hell? A Month of Truth!

3 min readMar 24, 2022


On Feb 23 I was working late. A lot of work, a lot of ideas. My daughter went to her bed as she had to wake up for school early…

On Feb 24, I overslept. It was almost 7 pm, when I opened my eyes and my phone was full of calls and messages. The war… putin started a war against Ukraine.

At any other point of time I would say: “No way.” That time I knew it’s true.

Since Feb 24….

… I forgot what the home is, what the bed is, where my things are….

Bombshelter kid’s bed in Kyiv, Ukraine
My daughter in bombshelter, Kyiv, Ukraine

… I can’t visit and hug my mom, who is in Kharkiv. I can only heart her…

Windows now in Kharkiv, Ukraine
The window at my mom’s house in Kharkiv, Ukraine

… you never know when and where the sky is dangerous, hiding takes more time than living…

Hiding from missile attacks in Kyiv, Ukraine

Since Feb 24 I’ve learned…

Ukrainians are strong and beautiful by their hearts and minds.

Ukrainians are united. We know what the goal is and want to achieve it together.

The life is priceless. As long as we have our nation, our country will be well-developed and beautiful.

Ukrainians adore their home and won’t give it to anyone else.

There are things which are unforgiven and unforgettable.

The history is being written right now by the blood of Ukrainian nation (not just military people at all, simple citizens, even kids, toddlers…) That could not be erased, that could not be re-written.

Being sleepy, lazy-to-read or not-ready-to-believe, the world sees the truth now — the world would never be the same again. The truth is that the evil was there for dozens of years. He planned it for dozens of years. This tolerant world promoting the kindness and brightness, neglected the fact of real evil’s existence and had to admit it late with victims and blood. This is the price of the Truth nowadays. This is the price of Ukrainian independence and freedom. This is the Voice of Ukraine and… the whole world in the end.

Now you can see who stays whatever, or who still explains why it is okay to kill people.

Today it is not the month of hell, it is the Month of Truth for everyone. See it with your eyes wide open.




My story starts in Kharkiv going to Kyiv with my heart belonging to Ukraine. First oncology support dedicated blog turned into the diary from the bombshelter.