Each Day Is September, 11th

I was silent. I tried to get used to so-called new reality. Where instead of 3 homes I have to live not in my city at all. Where I can’t see my family. Where each day is the new September, 11th. Do you know what I mean?…

Kharkiv is my Motherland. The city , where I was born, with all that roads and streets of my childhood & teenage. My heart was broken with first missile attacks there. My mum, brother and other part of family are still there. It’s their Home. They stay for Kharkiv. Helping others who are in need.

Today I am speechless for the motherland of my husband — for Kremenchuk. If you didn’t see that, please check https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russian-missiles-hit-kremenchuk-shopping-center-1000-civilians-ukraine-rcna35482

That was the shopping mall I’ve visited with my family, with kids, for billion times. In the heart of the city. Near the park and kid’s playground. So many victims, adults and kids, civilians, … How can it be called rather than terrorism?

We spent the time mostly in Kharkiv and Kyiv. Kremenchuk is smaller. It’s placed on Dnipro-river and is very comfortable for family life. I like it there. When I need my time to think, to reboot, to inspire, it’s there.

Today I stay for Kremenchuk. The world can’t keep silence anymore. And one thing is obvious now — they would not stop. “Ukraine is not the limit” is the motto driving russists. Have you read their comments and statements about all things happening in Ukraine and to Ukrainians? How much evil is in there.

It is a terrorism. And the country running that is a terrorist.

russia is a terrorist state



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My story starts in Kharkiv going to Kyiv with my heart belonging to Ukraine. First oncology support dedicated blog turned into the diary from the bombshelter.