They Mean It….

3 min readJun 28, 2022

When the war has been started, we still had a hope, that the nation of the neighbor country will see, will think, will stand… The next try was to explain to ourselves that their president is guilty, not the nation. It can’t get into someone’s mind, that normal people — who are traveling abroad, send their kids to study in Europe and USA, having Internet in the end and heart inside, — would ever justify the fact of killing civilians. Okay. Hopeless…

That was 2018 year. And russia already attacked the Eastern part of our country (Donbass region) and Crimean peninsula. That was the russian city, Kemerovo. And the “Zimnyaya vishnya” shopping mall tragedy. It had shops, kid’s entertainment center, small zoo, fitness center, food-court, etc. Adults and kids in there, just having their time together. A lot of victims (dead and injured) due to fire there. No. There were no missiles sent from somewhere. That was a fire started within the mall.

Kyiv people, who were already tired of the armed invasion of Donbass and occupied Crimea, went to russian embassy in Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine was saying: “More love they need”. And many flowers , toys appeared near the building of embassy. Showing our sorrow for civilians in russia.

Kyiv, 2018 — Flowers and toys near russian embassy after tragical fire and civilian victims in russian “Zimnyaya vishnya” shopping mall

2022. Ukraine. Kremenchuk. Beautiful city on Dnipro river. One of biggest shopping malls in the city. Shops, restaurant for families. Russian missiles sent directly from the russian territory destroyed fully the shopping center. Killed many people inside and outside.

I’ve looked through reaction of russian civilians.

From the start of the war we were trying to say it’s propaganda, they are not guilty. They can’t talk. But they do… They do talk. They scream out loud, that we deserve this. We deserve to be killed, to be destroyed, we don’t deserve to live. With all possible swearing words, with all hate & ugliness, without any empathy or sorry for what their president and government are doing.

In the middle of Europe. In the 21st century. Just because… One huge country wants to erase their neighbors including the territory and nation. And almost the whole country explains the fact of killing others.

Each day our biggest cities are suffering from dozens of missiles and artillery.

Each day. Each night.

And still the whole world observes. And still the country is not called as Terrorist.

I want to leave here my sweet memories from the family park in Kremenchuk with the lake, with swans and ducks, nice different fish and tortoises. Our favorite family place to have time together. Smiling and enjoying. They say it’s a military place. With NATO and weapon in there. Sure, no weapons or soldiers were found in the shopping mall or in the park.

You can see here what has been done by russia. In the same time when the shopping mall was totally in fire.

Just negativity, hate and lie is shared all over Internet by russian civilians for what was done. I am done as well. Human beings with hearts inside can’t justify this in any way. It’s not about propaganda only. It’s about being humans, feel something except of hate, being able to love and share it …




My story starts in Kharkiv going to Kyiv with my heart belonging to Ukraine. First oncology support dedicated blog turned into the diary from the bombshelter.