Under The Hood

2 min readMar 30, 2022


They call it propaganda, I call it humanity..

There are a lot of things going through my head since the start of the war in my country. And from the very its start I heard so many words to differentiate putin and russian people.

With days of war it became more and more obvious, that russian soldiers are not putin. They do know where they are and whom they are killing, though, they still go for it.

More over, with days of war and with messages between russian soldiers and their families true colors of the whole nation came out.

Just few facts from the long list….

Russian soldiers go into houses in occupied cities and steal whatever they want.

Russian wives ask their husbands to get them some stuff like nice clothes, devices from houses in Ukraine.

Russian soldiers raped so many women and kids already. This is just from official and confirmed cases. And we don’t even know the real number of these stories from hell on the Earth. And the real horror they do…

Russian soldiers torture Ukrainians in occupied cities (including such terrible thing as driving nails into hands).

Is it really about propaganda? Is it really about putin only?

I told from the very start — it is always about the humanity, empathy, feelings. From the birth each human being has the brain to think & analyze and the heart to feel. Any TV could not erase feelings and heartness from you if you would not allow to. When people start explaining the fact of killing the other nation, it is not about propaganda. It is already about the culture.

When soldiers behave like real monsters from centuries ago, it is not about their president or propaganda as well. It is about how much humanity (“none” is the answer) is inside.

They used all benefits of the modern world, all innovations, they went to world’s resourts, countries were open for them. And still, under the hood, this nation forgot to make a step from cave barbarians to people of the 21st century….

I am speechless for my country and my nation, for the pain and tragedy we are going through. And the worst is that as long as the world would say it is propaganda and just putin is guilty, the issue wouldn’t get solved.

P.S. Instead of any words…

71% of russians feel proud for the war in Ukraine and support it
71% os russians support the war in Ukraine and are proud of it.




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